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Comprehensive Bereavement Support

People cope with the loss of a loved one in so many different ways. Death can be very difficult and there is no correct way of coping. The way a person grieves is circumstantial and depends on the personality of that person, the relationship they with the person they’ve lost and more. Grief can be affected by their personal experience with a specific disease or the way it has progressed, their personal cultural and religious background, own coping skills, mental history, support systems, along with a person’s social and financial status. Everything is a potential factor and should be considered.
Bereavement Support
Silver Crest is committed to providing loving support and needed education to help you and your family during this period of grief and bereavement. Along with personalized support, Silver Crest can also offer :
  • Monthly Group Activities
  • Individual Support Meetings
  • Informative Newsletters and Education
  • Local Grief Support Groups
  • Yearly Memorial services
  • Telephone Support
  • Professional Grief Therapist Referrals
  • Home visits from¬† Specialists,¬† Counselors, Chaplains, and Volunteers.