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About Us

Silver Crest Hospice is part of the Paris Home Health family with their focus centered on Quality Hospice Care. If you are considering Hospice Care for yourself or a loved one, we want to help. We are committed to clinical excellence with expert palliative care, pain managements, and support for yourself and the ones you love when it matters most. Together, we can work to keep you and your loved one comfortable during this end-of-life transition.

About Home Hospice


When you choose to partner with Silver Crest Hospice, you are not alone. 

We understand the difficulties and many challenges that come with a serious and life-limiting illness. We work hard to be with you every step of the way. Silver Crest Hospice offers care that enables comfort and promotes the freedom to make lifestyle choices for yourself. We aim to help individuals and their families understand the intricacies of hospice care and see it doesn’t ask that you sacrifice your dignity or independence, but quite the opposite.  We focus on providing support that proves you can continue your life your way.

Benefits of Hospice Care

Both Patient and Family

benefit from having more control of their situation in the environment of their choosing. Decreasing stress levels and increasing comfort.

Comprehensive Care

that incorporates the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

More Opportunity

for family visits with the added benefit of seeing your loved ones live more comfortably with compassion and dignity with an individualized Comfort Care Plan.

Save on Expenses

for Medication, Medical Equipment, and Supplies related to the Patient’s condition.

Both Patient and Family

will receive Expert Assistance and generous time to prepare for personal and financial matters along with guidance and support.

Assistance with Preparation

and coordination of Advanced Directives such as Personal Wills, Power of Attorney, and DNRs.